The Battery Boys are the Premier Providers of High-Quality Boat Batteries in Coffs Harbour

We’ve been providing a vast range of robust and reliable boat batteries in Coffs Harbour for many years. Not only do we have the choice of batteries to suit both engine starting and deep cycle applications, but we also have a full range of solar and mains charging systems to match. Importantly, our marine battery expert’s priority is to make sure you get the right battery to get you safely home from your aquatic adventures. Indeed, we offer the safest, maintenance-free, and low maintenance batteries on the market. Furthermore, every product is complete with full anti-vibration technology to withstand the rigours of ocean travel.

What’s Different About Boat Batteries?

The vast majority of all boats have relatively simple 12-volt systems consisting of banks of one, two or four batteries connected in parallel. Larger yachts may have 24- or 32-volt systems. It’s usual to have a backup battery that you can easily switch to. Often, both batteries are used together to crank the motor on startup. After that, a single battery (deep cycle) is used to power the lights and accessories.

Easy Replacement of Boat Batteries in Coffs Harbour

Our fully trained and experienced staff can advise you to find the ideal new marine battery to meet your needs and budget. This includes both starting and deep-cycle requirements. ¬†Furthermore, we offer free battery testing and low-cost fitting, usually while you wait. Plus, we even provide free battery recycling too. Our aim is to provide you with an easy battery replacement service that’s fast, efficient and friendly.

Professional Advice and Complete Battery Installation Service

The Battery Boys offer a full installation service right here at our Coffs Harbour service centre. Alternatively, we can come to you at the Harbour.

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