Many people don’t understand that over 98% of batteries can be safely recycled. There are a wide range of battery types, many of which contain toxic metals such as cadmium, mercury and lead. Others contain valuable materials like magnesium and zinc. Used rechargeable batteries are a hazardous waste and should not be placed in the garbage bin. This includes batteries in laptops, mobile phones, power tools and cameras.

Why recycle lead-acid batteries?

Lead-acid batteries can be re-conditioned or recycled into new products. Recycling of these batteries uses less energy than refining primary ore and removes lead from the environment.

How to recycle lead-acid batteries

Used lead-acid batteries are valuable for their components. Almost all scrap metal merchants will accept used lead-acid batteries for recycling. A collection service is available at most landfills, transfer stations, service stations and automotive workshops.

Many councils have regular collections or drop-off locations for hazardous waste. Visit your council pages on to find out about hazardous waste services in your area.

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